Sometimes, I feel to cry, but then I ask myself, any use? anyone cares? anyone can help? No!? then shut up! and take next breath without without any emotions. Don't act like a child. Accept and let it be. In my life, I cried, I asked God reasons, God never replied. I told people about my situation, but they don't care, enjoy or they can't do anything. Only two ways remain in front of us. We can cry like hell or we can let go and focus to create something worthy!
There is no one out there that can help you in real life, but only you. Some great people can guide you, but only if you want to be guided. Letting go and to be happy are two different things. Being happy is the next step of letting go. And you only let go something, if you focus on something else as valuable as the thing we are letting go. If you think there is nothing in my life as valuable as the thing that I want to let go, then create one! You have this great power of visualization! Create something more valuable and worthy than the thing that you want to let go. Brain can not differentiate between what we call reality and imagination! Isn't it great!? This is the only great gift of God. 
Creating something worthy in your imagination gives you joy, happiness in that very moment, you can easily let go your past experiences and persons. And that's it!? No! Your imagination holds the power to create your future! So this will be the joyful experience for very this moment and all the moments in future. Not only in your imagination, but also in to the reality. Is there any third better way than this? I don't think so. So let it be, be cool and imagine!