Money is like a fuel of life. Actually, we need very small amount of money to survive. But in modern days, we need everything to make our life luxurious. Take an example, here in India, I can buy the wheat required to feed my whole family of 4 persons for 1 year in just $200. But, the bill of my broadband Internet is $400/Year. The rent of my flat is 1200$/Year. And the list goes on. If I just need $200 to survive, why I am spending these thousands of extra dollars? I think there are two reasons behind this fact. The first thing I could think is that, we always need a reason to live. The force of excitement to do more and more is acting behind us. And the second reason is, I can’t earn even $200, if I am unable to use broadband net of $200 and if I am not living in this city spending rend of $1200. So these are two very different things and I guess these things are acting upon us to do something every day and to earn more and more. But, when we compare our self with the people around us only to find that we are poor, then that could create a tension. So the question is How To Earn More Money? And don’t forget! Happiness is the most valuable thing on this earth! You should earn happiness along with wealth. So these are the two things that we are going to consider in this article. There are 3 very simple ways to achieve this.

1. Find The Things You Like To Do The Most

Pause your running life. Wait for a moment. Think! Which is that thing you consider as your hobby? The thing, when you start working on it, you never feel it as a work. Save that thing in your heart. Now, think how you could earn out of your so called hobby. Don’t think it as your hobby anymore! It’s your work now. How you could earn considerable amount of money out of your favorite work? Set one aim! Start with some small amount. The amount which is believable to you. Even though, it will not be a sufficient amount to live. Start with that. When you achieve your goal, think about something more. Never forgot to set a time frame for all of your goals. But, at the same time, never get disappointed if you fail to achieve your goal within that time period. Sooner or later you are definitely going to achieve your goal. Just stick with your desire in your thoughts. If you don’t know how to earn out of your hobby, remember this is the age of Internet, everyone gets something out of it! Just think how? And continue with the process of finding answers within yourself.

2. Dance With Joy

When you achieve your goal, however very small it may be! Dance with a joy! Share this thing with your well wishers. Probably, like your mother or wife! And on that moment, always share and imagine your biggest dreams with them. Be thankful to the God or to the person, thing in which you believe. And believe! This is just  a beginning! Now onwards only good things are going to happen with you.

3. Share The Money You Earn

When God gives you something, always think about the others. Share a small portion of your earnings with the people who helped you in your bad days or maybe you will like share with your parents, sister, brother, wife, as they are close to you. But, always remember one thing! You should share small portion of money you earn, only with well wishers and good people, who think good for you, good for other. Totally ignore the persons with bad thoughts and desires, even never think about them. However close they may be, totally ignore them. Listen to your heart and try to be with good people.

Everything in This world is The State of Mind

Your mind has a power to create miracles. There are only three simple steps I have mentioned above to earn more money and happiness. If you follow these steps, your present state of mind will automatically get change to something better. You will enjoy every bit of your life. And why not?, If these things are just like that! Why don’t you start acting now!?